SS015: Karate Party - Black Helicopter LP

Karate Party Black Helicopter LP (SS015)

Released July 2005.
1000 pressed.
In print.

Remastered reissue of Karate Party's 1999 7" on Moo-La-La Records fused with comp tracks and unreleased material. Karate Party was Chris Woodhouse's late 90s stun punk band. Gold vinyl. Sleeve by Woodhouse based on the sleeve Woodhouse did for the 7".


  1. Simply a must have ! This band is able to blend loud punk rythms with unexpected psychedelic madness, and with a constent need to throw it all over your face ! This is punk

  2. Quite surprised that S.S. still has any of these at their distro. This is raw nutzoid stuff that is indeed a must have...